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The idea ....

The idea of a nice webcam for Jesolo comes from the owner and manager of the Hotel Janeiro, Mr. Giancarlo Bosco . The idea, which was born in the past, could be realized only in May 2004 when the ADSL came in this area. The supply of the webcam has been entrusted to the Amc society of Padova that has installed a Mobotix M10, the model that for its characteristics answered to the requirements of Mr. Giancarlo. The webcam provides the image 24 hours a day, is placed on the third floor of the hotel Janeiro in the shade (so that the visualized temperature is the shade temperature). The resolution is 640x480 pixels, the weight about 90kb; the speed of visualization can depend on your line and on the number of person who are connected in that moment. So if it should be slow, please be patient, the image coming soon.

Have a nice view of the beach !!!

Hotel Janeiro 3 stars hotel in front of the sea - Jesolo - Venice

Janeiro Hotel is a three-star hotel situated in Piazza Torino, a quiet area in the neighbourhood of the Pine-wood. It is directly run by the owners, the Bosco family, who in more than forty years of management have been able to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, where quality of the service, cordiality and personal treatment for every guest have the greatest importance. Situated on the seafront, it offers to guests a vast private beach with sunshades, small beds and deck-chairs and a daily animation by a specialized team.

As few hotels around this area, it has a large park, equiped with children's games, where it is possible to spend a pleasant evening with your friends relaxing in the freshness of many sea pines. The dining-room with a panoramic view over the sea, the bar with 24-hour-a-day service, the television lounge with satellite TV and comfortable reading rooms are at guest's disposal. To practise sports the hotel offers tennis court, table tennis and bicycles. The vast private parking is shaded and guarded. The hotel is famed for its excellent cuisine, it offers a rich buffet breakfast and a vast choice of international dishes or fish local specialities for lunch and dinner. All rooms have recently been renovated and are served by bathroom and shower, balcony on the seafront, telephone and safe. Janeiro Hotel offers various possibilities of accomodations for families, in fact there are a lot of communicating rooms and rooms with the possibility of a third bed on request. Children are very welcome guests and we are able to satisfy every request of babies menu; in hotel there are high chairs, cradles, little beds and what else is necessary for their comfort.

Guests can freely utilize bicycles to ride on pleasant and interesting routes or on the longest road-island in Europe (from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.) just beginning in front of the hotel. The hotel is situated on the East of Jesolo Beach, opposite piazza Torino, where there are a lot of cultural and singing shows with famous artists in the summer time. Every day excursions and tours are organized to Venice , Cortina and Verona in consideration of beauties and proximity of these towns. Venice is easily reachable (10 miles) by a special sea boat which leaves the beach near the hotel every day, it is also possible to arrive in Venice by direct bus or own car in 45minutes.

"Hotel for the Environment" and "Jesolo in flower" are some of rendezvous Janeiro Hotel takes part in every year being aware that there aren't holidays without contact and respect for nature. Why choosing Jesolo Beach for your holidays? Jesolo is a very nice town on the Adriatic coast famous for the entertainments and the relax, its 14 km beach of a dolomitic fine and golden sand with recognized therapeutical properties is an ideal place for children's games and sports activities. The possibility of shopping in a lot of shops opened till late, the night-life with more than 20 discos, night-clubs, karting, amusement park, miniature golf, pizzerias, pubs and more .... make Jesolo an unforgettable place.

The webcam MOBOTIX M10

Dual Lens Camera With Day/Night Sensor

January 15, 2004. At CeBIT 2004, MOBOTIX will present a world novelty: the first weatherproof megapixel IP/ISDN camera M10-Day/Night equipped with two image sensors and two lenses. Depending on the illumination of the scene, the camera uses either the color image sensor with daylight lens or the B/W image sensor with IR lens to record the images. The dual sensor system provides for excellent colors during the day and high-quality images of dark scenes thanks to its B/W image sensor. This solution is less expensive than using an IR-corrected lens on one image sensor. Equipped with Ethernet and ISDN ports, the camera is easily configured using a browser and does not require any kind of software installation. The M10-DN is perfect for security applications as it allows to simultaneously record color and IR images without requiring maintenance-prone mechanical components. At half the image rate, both sensor images can be processed in parallel and can be displayed either side-by-side or picture-in-picture. In static scenes, the color image sensor’s night vision mode allows for exposure times of 1 second without perceivable image noise. This will deliver high-quality color images even in the dark. The M10’s new megapixel sensor (1280 x 960) constitutes a quantum leap compared to the proven brilliant color quality of all MOBOTIX cameras to-date and features a light sensitivity ten times higher than the present models. Available image formats range from QVGA (320x240) and VGA (640x480) to QuadVGA (1280x960) with digital zoom and can be selected as needed. Using its freely definable exposure measurement zones, the camera automatically adapts to difficult backlight situations. Low-contrast scenes usually pose a problem to video recording, but thanks to the integrated MOBOTIX image enhancement features, the camera records high-contrast images even under these conditions. Since the camera has two lenses—one for for daylight and one for night—and they can be focused separately, expensive IR-corrected lenses are not needed. The weatherproof camera has built-in Ethernet and ISDN ports. Power can be supplied via the data cable or even from the ISDN NT. The robustness of MOBOTIX cameras is unmatched, they safely operate at temperatures between -30° and +60° C (-22° to 140° F) and have proven their reliability in numerous desert, tropical and arctic applications. The cameras can transfer images to the Internet either in a scheduled manner and eventcontrolled using one or more of their sensors. Event-controlled image recording can be triggered using the signal input, motion detection windows, the passive infrared (PIR) sensor or the microphone. The M10 can easily be integrated directly into all kinds of communication environments using ISDN, GSM, DSL, WLAN and Ethernet.